Old Chef Knife, Old Tricks

chipped knife

I love cooking. I find it absolutely self fulfilling to be able to muster up a hardy meal for my family. The thing is, sometimes the lack of the proper kitchen knives and cookware can turn even the most joyful experience sour.

How I Maintain My Kitchen

My kitchen is always prim and proper. I keep it clean, tidy and organized because I spend a lot of time there. But with age, everything eventually gives way. There was this time when I was fluttering all around my kitchen while trying to prepare a hardy serving of lasagna when I noticed I accidentally chipped my Chef knife. I don’t really know how it happened (i found the tip in the sink when I was cleaning up).

My Chef Knife Has Left Me

I was pretty bummed out because that knife was a family heirloom. It has been with me ever since I went to college at 19. Looking for a replacement wasn’t going to be hard at all. There are so many options on the market but nothing will truly fill the void of my fallen comrade(my chef knife you dummy!).

I Wasn’t In A Rush To Replace My Knife

It isn’t a crime to keep using a chipped knife. Since, I’m the only one who uses the kitchen, I’ll just be extra careful. But if I spot a sale, I’d make a new purchase.

Which Kind Of Chef Knife Should I Get ?

I’m pretty excited to get a new knife too. There are just so many choices now. There are Japanese knives, German knives, professional chef knives or I could even purchase a chef knife set if it was priced right.

I have to have a good chef knife because using a good chef’s knife makes all the difference.

Affordable Victorinox Kitchen Knives

I am not really into cooking but salads and Asian style chicken with noodles are my everything. Did you imagine me already holding wok in one hand and chopping tomatoes with the other?


After one month this knife still didn’t collapse, so I highly recommend it to everybody! It performs the same as the $100 knife but saves your money. I am not a chef, but I cook with it every day and my meals became even better – probably because I cut everything on the right way !

I am honestly in love with these sharp and shiny knives. They give an excellent performance and I feel like a chef working with them even when my cooking skills are horrible. So, if you are into cooking and create masterpieces in your kitchen every day, a chef’s knife is a must have for you! Especially for vegetables.

But chef’s knives are too expensive, you’ll say. Yes, unfortunately, good chef knives are, but I hacked the system 😉 I have found a chef’s knife, which costs almost 5 times cheaper than usual ones ($27 to be exact). I didn’t want to buy it because a knife for $27 cannot possibly be a proper chef’s knife. But, a $100 for the “proper” one..uh..you know. So I said ok, I’ll take it. It had a nice name – Victorinox – (yes the swiss army ones) and a nice price.

So, I used it the same day to cook dinner and you know what? I didn’t know I can cut a cabbage in so tiny pieces! Probably, I finally made a proper cabbage salad.

How I Started Loving Knives and Cooking

I never used to love cooking. I have always preferred eating out to preparing food at home. This all changed when I started gaining a lot of weight. I knew it was time for me to change my lifestyle. I had to not only start working out but also eating healthier options of food. For this reason, I decided to start preparing my own food at home. One of the problems I had while making the transition is using my kitchen knives. The knives were not only really blunt but also very rough on the hands. After a few weeks, I had enough. I decided to get myself a set of kitchen knives at this online site, www.pcnchef.com.

The first thing I did was look up some of the best places to get kitchen knives in my area. I got a few suggestions and decided to go to the store that had the best reviews. When I got there, I remember standing there for about 15 minutes. There were so many different types of knives (My Favorite). which made me have a hard time deciding which one to buy. I decided to test a couple of knives with the hope of finding one that would solve my problem.

First and foremost, I tested the feel of the knife in my hand. I wanted to ensure the knife felt comfortable in my hand since this was a problem I was facing with the ones I had. I also compared the handles and amount of steel. I chose the knife that had a single piece of steel since this type is less likely to break. The other thing I checked was the weight of the knife. I wanted a light knife because it would improve my cutting precision.

Last but not least, I ensured the knife was made of stainless steel. I bought the knife that had all these characteristics and I am so glad I took the time to test the knives before buying because I have been using it for three years now and it is still in perfect condition.

A Knife For The Chef’s Birthday

Every chef understands that the most important tool in his or her kitchen is a good set of knives. Whether you are a home cook, who enjoys rocking it out in the kitchen every night after work, or a chef like my husband you understand that without a proper knife to chop your produce you can easily be left with mush or at the very least uneven cuts. il_340x270-909968943_bonh
My Wife has a birthday coming up. In the early days of our relationship I had a horrible track record for picking out gifts. Somehow along the way I have managed to slowly figure it out. She’s a chef, she loves kitchen tools. Well at this point she already has every necessary and fun kitchen tool under the sun. So I’ve had to get a little more creative. She has been working with the same kitchen knives for ten years now. They are all different brands and purchased across a five year time frame in the early part of our relationship.

I was wondering around the web when I came across this beautiful 8 piece set with wood block included. Her main chef’s knife lost its tip years and years back it is well worn and do to be replaced. The great thing about this set is its made of solid steal, and has a nice synthetic handle. The chef’s knife is the perfect length for small spaces as well.

Technically I could surprise her with just a chef knife, but the set I found also comes with a pairing knife, kitchen sheers, and a honer. The fact that all the knives fit in one block also means fewer accidental falls. Purchasing a Wusthof classic kitchen knives set will likely be one of the most pricey purchases I’ve made, but if I was to buy each knife individually I know it would cost much more.

The Magnificient Global Ni


After a thorough and extensive search for a quality knife, I came across Global Ni Knife. Given its impressive and awesome performance, I decided to tell of my experience using a Global Ni Knife Cook’s Knife. From the very first cut, I knew that this knife was amazing. In fact, I had developed this habit of feeling too reluctant to cook before I bought it. Little did I know that my poorly performing knife was responsible for that.

Immediately I started using this knife, my cooking spirits were awakened. The cooking giant in me got energised and today; I am the chief chef in my house. What makes this knife unlike any other in the market? Apart from the fact its cutting ability is unparalleled, it also comes in an awesome design that makes cutting quite easy. And yes, given the size, it’s crystal clear that cooking has never been this easy. With cooking being a hobby I have always enjoyed from a tender age; I now know that I will do it like an expert thanks to Global Ni knife.

What’s more, the price is ridiculously affordable. In fact, what caught my attention immediately I saw it was the price coupled with its amazing design. A combination of simplicity and efficiency, this is what will make you love it. And yes, before you get the chance to use it, you might mistake it for your usual kitchen knife. But after you have had a chance to use it, I doubt if you will even think about your previous knives.

In a nutshell, I can categorically say that Global Ni knife is second to none when it comes to its performance in the kitchen. It is a product that I can recommend for a friend given the fact that I have had a wonderful cooking experience with it. It will certainly impress you.

Picking The Right Pocket Knife

Do you like camping? or are you a culinary wizard? or maybe you’re just a person who loves switchblades? In our eyes, there’s nothing wrong with collecting knives. As long as you don’t go around killing people that is.

Collecting knives is a terrific hobby. I’m sure every knife enthusiast out there has a dream of crafting their very own knife and crafting it into existence someday. Until that day is upon you, here is there are a million ways you can use to pick quality knives.

In this post today, We’ll be focusing on switch blades. Here is an outstanding article on the tips you should follow to pick the right pocket knife.



When it comes to thoughts on including a knife as part of your everyday carry, most men fall into one of two categories:

Those who don’t carry a knife and can’t understand why anyone would.

And those who do carry a knife and can’t imagine life any other way.

Those of us who do carry a knife know that we do it mostly for fun as it satisfies an innate desire to use tools to solve problems.

Carrying a knife simply feels right and you’ll always find a use for it.

Plus the value of being prepared for an emergency situation can’t be overstated.

But before you dive in and shell out your hard-earned cash for an everyday carry knife, let’s take some time to identify your requirements so you end up with the perfect blade to suit your needs.

Start by answering the three questions below.

1. How will you use your knife?

If you’re a mechanic, your needs will be different than those of an accountant or a police officer or a contractor.

Will this knife be used every day (at work perhaps), just on the weekends, on camping trips, all of the above?

For such a simple tool, knives can come in many different forms, and each detail helps determine the ideal functions and performance characteristics.

A knife that excels at heavy duty chopping won’t be the same as one used for more delicate tasks.

Also consider the environment in which you may be using your knife. Will it be exposed to high humidity or salt water?  Will it need a large handle to accommodate the fumbling grip of a gloved hand in cold conditions?

2. How will you carry it?

A uniformed worker with an abundance of pockets will have a different carrying capacity than an office worker or a bartender.

Your main considerations for carrying your knife will be:

(a) how big of a knife do you want to carry? and

(b) how will it ride it in your pocket (loose or clipped)?

Most modern folding knife designs are equipped with a pocket clip. This allows the knife to remain vertical for comfort and ride higher in your pocket for quick access.

However, the common tactical design of these modern knives doesn’t suit everyone’s taste.

If it’s a classic design you’re after, you’ll most likely have to make due with a clip less knife.

On the plus side, knives without a pocket clip tend to be smaller in diameter and can take up less space in your pocket.

The disadvantage is that they tend to slide all the way down into your pocket and ride in a  horizontal position against your thigh (see below). If this happens, it can make carrying the knife uncomfortable.

3. What style of knife do you like?

Once you have a sense of what you want and need out of your knife and know how you’ll carry it, it’s time to become familiar with some of the different designs and features so you can choose the perfect knife.

The two main categories of design to choose from are tactical and classic.

Classic style knives:

  • Are typically going to be two-hand manual open
  • May or may not be locking
  • Likely won’t have a pocket clip, and
  • Commonly use handle materials like wood or bone

What classic knives lack in modern conveniences they make up for with timeless good looks and nostalgia.

An example of a great classic style knife is the Buck Knives Lancer.

On the other end, tactical knives:

  • Are almost always one-hand open
  • Feature a blade lock
  • Will likely have a pocket clip, and
  • Often have handles made of modern plastics, composites, or metal

What tactical knives lack in charm, they make up for with increased functionality and a certain cool factor.

An example of a great tactical knife is the Benchmade Contego 810.

Thanks to : http://ironandtweed.com/everyday-carry-how-to-choose-a-pocket-knife/ for their insightful article.

Pointy Sharp and Shiny Knives

knivesKnives are works of art. There are just so many types of knives around. There’s the practical utility knife, the handy pocket knife and the over-sized chef’s knives.

It’s no secret that we love blades. No matter where you got your piece, you belong on this site. We’ll teach you about selecting the best knives, identifying the best deals and caring for all your blades.

So stay tuned….

Chef Knives – Indispensable part of every home kitchen


Well, there is no alternative to the perfect chef knife even if we are in the preparation of making something as simple as lunch at home. Lately, I have been a firm believer of this fact when I found myself in a mess without the suitable chef knife to make my day. Needless to say, a good knife can really cut down the preparation time, reduces the chances of cutting your fingers and can add fun to the tiresome process of preparing a meal. I have been hearing professional chefs badgering on the importance of chef knives and blaming myself for not paying a heed to the advice. But better late than never, I finally managed to find one that really helps me to experiment with the tools and trade of the culinary business. However, as there is no one size fits all, below is my personal list of the chef knives that feels a delight in your hands.

The 8-inch Victorinox Chef Knife is one of the best chef knives available in the market and very handy when I want to need to cut onions, garlic, pepper etc. The size is just perfect and I really don’t feel uncomfortable using it. The knife is very reasonably priced and I don’t have to be too cautious in handling it.

I am really fond of the 10 inch Messermeister chef knife for its weight, fit and balance. This top rated chef knife is not too heavy on your wrist and provides the perfect balance for chopping evenly sized ingredients. The blade is nested in a triple riveted handle – ensuring an excellent grip.

I proudly consider the Sun Ken Onion- 8 Inch chef knife as one of my most precious procession. The VG10 steel is strong and sturdy and offers a sharp edge than most of its counterparts. What’s more, the balance and ergonomics are top class and the pinch grip has never been felt so comfortable before.

So, with which of these top chef knives would you go for?